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Removing .DS_Store Files

With the released of macOS 10.13 High Sierra, I did a review of my installed applications to make sure an upgrade would be as painless as possible. One item that caught my eye was Lingon X, which I use solely to remove .DS_Store files via launchd. You can manage this yourself, but Lingon X is so straightforward that it’s easily worth the cost ($10).

Within Lingon X, under the me section, I “named” my script:

For the “Run” command I provided the following:

/usr/bin/find /Users/[user] -name *.DS_Store -type f -delete

Note: be sure to replace [user] with your actual user account. Interestingly, I tried using ~ (tilde) to indicate my own home folder, but Lingon X said that would result in an error.

Lastly, I selected “Scheduled” and decided to run this every 15 minutes.

Everything works as expected, and sometimes, if I’m really bored, I do something in Finder to create a .DS_Store file and, like watching paint dry, wait until my script runs and removes it.

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