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FileZilla Pro .desktop file

For anyone who might decide to purchase a license for FileZilla Pro for Linux – Pop!_OS (Ubuntu) in my case – and you want to have an icon to open the application instead of using the command line, try the following:

Extract the files (assuming your bz2 file is in your Downloads folder)

$ cd Downloads
$ tar -xvJf FileZilla- (tab to autocomplete)

Move it to some place nice

$ sudo mv FileZilla3 /opt

Then create the .desktop file

$ vim ~/.local/share/applications/FileZilla.desktop 

Paste the following text

[Desktop Entry]
Name=FileZilla Pro
GenericName=FTP client
GenericName[fr]=Client FTP
Comment=Download and upload files via FTP, FTPS and SFTP
Comment[da]=Download og upload filer via FTP, FTPS og SFTP
Comment[de]=Dateien über FTP, FTPS und SFTP übertragen
Comment[fr]=Transférer des fichiers via FTP, FTPS et SFTP

Save your file and your done. Enjoy!

Internet Learning

Duolingo to busuu

I’m so frustrated that I just need to put this somewhere — I’m giving up on Duolingo today after 328 continuous days of using it. They have this thing called a streak, or your total days of continuous use, and so I’ve been using Duolingo every day for 328 days.

I’m getting off track, my disappointment has nothing to do with my streak and everything to do with Duolingo’s monetization strategy. They know people have become hooked on having a long streak, so they’ve decided now it’ll cost you to keep it. To be fair, you can earn their virtual currency to retain your streak should you forget your daily lesson a day here or there, but now that virtual currency is harder to earn and the cost of retaining that streak has gone up. Oh sure, they’ll sell you more virtual currency, but why even have virtual currency? I think it misses the point of trying to learn another language.

So, I’ve done some research and just now signed up, and paid for, a year of busuu, and so far it’s as good or better than Duolingo in every way that’s important to me. On top of that, I can send my own practice phrases (written or audio) and other users will critique them and provide feedback, and I get to do the same. That feels very gratifying to me.

Anyway, I hate to give up the streak, but it’s time.