altafiber FiOptics 2 Gigabit

A follow-up to my original FiOptics article, we recently upgraded to their (Cincinnati Bell is now altafiber) 2 gigabit service. The service is rated at 2 Gbps down and 1 Gbps up.

The extra bandwidth necessitated a new ONT, which I was told supports up to 10 gigabits, and an SFP module for the UniFi UDM Pro as the ethernet port is only rated for 1 Gbps. That, coupled with a UniFi switch that has 2.5 Gbps Ethernet ports, means we actually access the full available bandwidth.

Overall the service has been solid, and really no different from our previous service. Just like 1 Gbps service felt like overkill at the time, we grew into 1 Gbps and could, at times, saturate the available bandwidth. This should hopefully last us quite some time … until 10 Gbps becomes a thing 😉

2020-04-11 Update

FiOptics recently updated my 2 gigabit service – perhaps for all using their 2 gigabit service – to be symmetric:

This test was conducted on a MacBook Pro using a 2.5 Gbps ethernet USB-C device, coupled with the equipment noted above.