Switching to Linode

After testing out Linode for the past week, I took some time this evening to migrate the bulk of my sites to my linode (what Linode calls their VPS instances). Using Linode this past week has been amazingly painless. Their management portal, while basic in appearance, has been adequately powerful for my needs. Creating an VPS instance, a linode, is super easy. Best of all is their help section, dubbed the Library. I was able to follow the basic steps to set up my linode with a new user account, locked it down, set up LAMP and had my first website up and running within probably 15 – 30 minutes of signup up.

So, over the next few days (or maybe weeks), I’ll try and detail:

  • how easy Linode is to use, and why you should (perhaps) use it too
  • how I set up Apache to handle multiple sites using HTTPS via SNI
  • setting up SFTP for other users, but only allow them to access their website documents
  • anything I come across along the way

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